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What if you could learn from both past and future mistakes?
We did it. For you.


Secure Mobile Chat has been a showcase of failures and broken promises. Vendors come and go, there's usually hype about the newest "most secure messaging platform", and users flock to its network.

Until it is down. Down to the facts: "breach", "vulnerabilities", "oversight", "deception", "compromise".

Not anymore. NetOne was created by users and security professionals burnt by the perpetual hoax of "it is different this time". We have taken into account everything that has gone wrong before.

And then glimpsed into the future - quantum computing, post-modern intelligence and surveillance, and behavioral engineering. And found a solution.



The only messenger that encrypts both the data container and the content within it.
Zero-Trust security starts with the most advanced MDM tailored to the impenetrable NetOne protection.

Insider-Only Device

A genuine NetOne phone device - made by and for NetOne only. Full Lockdown with a proprietary MDM setup and own novel firewall.

First to Know

Real-time Warning/Notification to all contacts that the user’s device and/or account has been compromised.

5-Layer Encryption

Metadata and message content, incl. photos and notes, Secured Vault
Chat Application, Keyboard and Viewer
Phone / Operating System

Multi-level chat protection

Hardware | OS | Phone | Application | Transport Channels

The only ECC with AES 256 solution that is augmented with its own proprietary symmetric encryption. Plus the full scope of the Samsung Military-Grade MDM and Knox work area encrypted protection.

Uses only proprietary NetOne applications incl. Keyboard and Image Viewer.

Triple Password Protection

Always in a Wipe-Ready state

1. Self-destruct upon 3 wrong password attempts.
2. Chat Application Access Self-destruct upon 3 wrong password attempts.
3. Secure Vault Access Self-destruct upon 3 wrong password attempts.
4. Kill PIN Immediate (on the spot) Self-destruct after password prompt.
Immediate Self-destruct.
Message Expiry set by user.
Self-destruct timers.

Your Own Encrypted Telecom

The only chat application allowing for an unlimited number of user accounts.
Your contacts can be grouped by priority, project, time-horizon, or any other way that you see fit.
One contact can be present in multiple accounts.
Single-contact accounts are allowed for faster setup and timely shredding.

Flexible Account Management

throughout the NetOne subscription/life-cycle.

No need to replace your device when a contact, a group or a project is compromised, or when anyone's device has been lost, tampered with or became irrelevant. Your security will never be compromised - simply erase the account hosting the compromised unit.

A standard device - reborn for NetOne

Full tamper resistance. - Citadel Mode.
Boot Integrity check.
360-degree Intrusion and Vulnerabilities Shield, incl. USB disabled.
The application and the KB are integrated with and locked within the Knox secure container.

The only chat application secured by the Samsung KNOX Mobile Device Management.
More than 300 settings not available with competitive MDMs.
All settings, accessibility and communication protocols, and storage are encrypted within the KNOX chip. part of the Samsung Knox work area NetOne VPN and our proprietary firewall are an integral part of the Knox Enterprise Suite.

The only chat application where Zero-Trust security starts with MDM tailored to the impenetrable NetOne protection.
Integrators and resellers: (1) never access your information; (2) never need any Google or Android services.
Restrictions securing your NetOne-only experience cannot be changed by any party.
Fully disabled Hardware and Software features.
No restore options.
No data extraction possible.

NetOne and these never go together:

Voice substitution
Voice sniffing
Voice analysis
Location spotting
Location sharing

No updates needed. No updates pushed. Ever.

New Encrypted Messaging Transport Technology

A global decentralized network of self-replicating and destructing nodes.
Proprietary NetOne PNI protocol deployed with military-grade solutions.
Native NetOne firewall.

We have your back.


NetOne is distributed under an exclusive Concierge Model with authorized resellers.
Single point of contact at any time.
Zero-trust protocol enforced throughout the life-cycle.
Encapsulated support and renewal process.

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